Free Play

We have three play tables which can accommodation 12 Kids. Lego Classic Bricks and Lego Duplo Bricks are available for the Kids to play with; unleash their imagination and creativity in a safe environment.

Once your child has finished her masterpiece get her photographed and the picture emailed to you for your enjoyment. You also have the option of buying the model built by your child. Please ask the Helper for more details.

Set Play

Under our Bricks Cafe Club Program your child can enroll at a level he is comfortable with. From Novice to Master Builder we have levels to cater to all age and skill levels.

We have three dedicated Building Stations where your budding builders can build their sets. For this we provide the complete Lego Set along with Instructions. 

Again your child can play at the Cafe for no extra charge and you always have the option of purchasing the set to take it home for continued fun.

Lego Wall

The Lego wall is where you and your child can really let go of your creativity and imagination. The 100 Square Foot Lego wall offers an unparalleled canvas for your expression.

From messages of Love to horizontal buildings; from swimming elephants to flying hippos the only limit is the one you set for yourself.

You have access to Lego Classic and Lego Duplo free of cost for expressing yourself.

Again please don’t forget to get your picture snapped and emailed to yourself.

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